R18+ Game Rating passes Legislation

Well this IS a surprise!

After so so long, the Australian government decided to look past its cynical ideals on the “homocidal” maniacs it might create with the induction of the R18 law on games.


Sure you still have to be over that age to buy the games, but it is good that they decided we’re responsible enough to decide for ourselves what is game and what is life. Silly I know, how irritated I get at this issue but it really is a really silly idea. Everywhere else seems to have it and they’re not all maniacs… except really America (scuse me while I duck from the American bricks) … jokes…

Anyway, we can finally hope to see such titles as Mortal Kombat and Manhunt here and the other games that have been refused classification

~Emissary Out

EDIT: Well this is derp for me >.< apparently it only passed the lower house BUT its still better than nothing riiiight?

LECTURE EDIT: This issue has been going on for decades, I mean seriously, Australia is the only developed country without R18 ratings on video games. The silo model discussed in our latest lecture is old, almost too old to contain the material for the newer gaming community.

The government is still tied down to the regulations in the ’90s. That’s before the ps2 was even conceived. Kinda silly right? But we stick to the things that work, so it seems until someone initiates change, we aint gonna see much change here.


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