Stifling the Creative Touch

Okay this is a bit different than the issue I usually cover but I reckon it’s just as important so tough, you’re gonna listen! This is about the phenomenon called Homebrew and the way the industry mistakes it so so much as “hacking” consoles.

Before I jump into a ragefit over this, especially a recent issue involving a certain Sony company, Homebrew, for those that don’t know, is basically a user’s way of accessing the core mechanics of a device to create their own programs, uses and other creative projects. So often it is mistaken for hacking, that Sony panicked hard when they heard the term “Firmware Exploit” that they didn’t even wait to hear that all it did was allowed users to experience the joys of running their own software on their new handheld console, the PSVita

RIGHTEO, to the issue at hand, or keyboard in fact. For a long time, a man codenamed as “wololo” (yes, Age of Empires fans out there, one and the same, you may now change your shirt colour and or core beliefs as WE see fit ;D) was working on digging into the powerful new console to create access to user content so people would be able to run his own free TCG game “Wagic” based on the acclaimed card game Magic the Gathering. Within a week of the console’s release, Wololo announced to everyone’s joy, that his exploit had succeeded and he was running his homebrew no questions asked.

Within the span of a week after that, the game he was using had been taken off almost ALL of the online stores and had become little less than a memory. You can read the rest of the story here. But basically, all it is saying is that Sony was scared. Scared that their console would be abused by all these “hackers” all the potential game developers shot down. Its rather perplexing actually.

It’s new minds like this that the world needs. I love the concept of homebrew… for me it dictates the ability to run my older games that were long forgotten on the newer system, reliving nostalgia, but all big companies see is a pirate with a giant painted anarchy symbol on his chest.
They’re shot down in paranoid fits and we really need to support these guys, they could be the future of our gaming, and trust me… with cunning like that and skill and style too… you can’t go wrong.

Call me controversial, call me an ass, leave a comment telling me how cool my unsighted hairdo is

 Either way, Emissary signing off for another week~