Games don’t make people violent… We’re just a violent race

Its in our genes… (genes not pants, smartasses…)

We have a history of violence and chaos, and an unending thirst for the blood of others, the media just needs a scapegoat as they’ve done through history, look back.. and some of the scapegoats are silly, but look to the future, will we see these actions we praise now as an act of futile action?

A few years ago, a 22 year old mother, apparently playing Farmville at the time, shook her child to death and the press blamed the game for it. Seriously… Farmville guys…. it almost seems like you’re getting a little desperate here.

Games don’t make us violent… we’re a naturally violent race

And the media eats up a story like this as a drug addict presented with a free batch of drugs…
Hell.. over time, games have shown a DECREASE in violence… 

Its kinda silly actually…

Anyway… I’m out for another week… and have a chart for your viewing pleasure




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