Well this term was interesting, but as it comes to an end, I feel i should share my thoughts of what’s been going through my head,

This blog is how I felt, its who I am, but it’s not about me,
It was about how censorship has impacted the viewing experience of those experiencing the censored content. It has both positive and negative implications as referred to in the media. It’s full of those opinionated people and those with little experience. It is also full of those with the experience to speak but they are not the ones with the voice to speak loud enough to be heard. It’s hard to speak up when your voice is stifled by the mass, you could almost say their view was selectively censored… heh…

All the while when first I was asked to document an issue, I was stumped, I wanted to pick something I was passionate about, but that people didn’t think about in much detail, but research it in enough detail to get you thinking, just enough to give it a second thought.

I looked for the obscure things, the things that people would like to hear about, something to keep people interested, but keeping with the issue at hand, I liked the idea of telling people my opinion without having someone retort rather snarkily, it’s like a vent channel that people can view in glorious colour.

At first i picked the obvious subject of SOPA and PIPA, the two subjects that blew up the internet in a rage fit of hell and chaos, I was pleased with the result I got from simply chasing links to sites and educating people. Cursed with anxiety from birth, this was a great way to show people exactly what I thought with proof, it gave me satisfaction to print what i thought to others.

The next week, I was fiddling with subjects and I was stumped, I couldn’t find something else to report on, so I went browsing, and unintentionally came across a Kotaku ad saying that the legislation for R18 had passed lower house… gleefully I read it and suddenly had a revelation. Quickly typing it down I had my second post. It was insane… I was actually having fun…

The media itself seemed to target games as a scapegoat. In the past it was music, and technology itself, but it just seems the world is afraid of anything new… it’s a scare tactic maybe.. who knows, all i know is that once the thrill is over, the media will find a new one. It became a hotspot topic several times with murders being supposedly linked to people with games. Of course these people had no evidence and felt it was their duty to hate on games forever so this hits like a brick made of feathers.

I guess its a matter of perception, people see things differently and I personally see this as a chance to educate people about what fears that the media instils into us. It teaches false morals to sell their ideals. Censorship isn’t all bad. I mean, if you want to show a certain game to a younger audience, the option to lower the blood splatters would be a good idea, but to an older audience, it’s more of a hindrance. There was major debate as to whether Mortal Kombat 9 should be allowed in Australia with all the violence it garners. Obviously the voters saw how “realistic” the game was and voted on opinion not fact and it was banned. Matter of opinion of course… seriously.. when was the last time you saw someone uppercut someone so hard their head flew off…? Didn’t think so..

Others reason that the creativity is being held back by censoring things. People are inspired by shocking things and to censor everything is to stifle the creative touch. Who knows where the next hit artist may come from. Just between you and me… I reckon the future is gonna be a lot like the movie Demolition Man. Censoring everything will make a good world, but make violence taboo and some people just see it as an invitation for more. All in all, you aren’t gonna stop certain things by banning them.

Last of all, as i said in the last post, we’re all born to create chaos, we’d not be satisfied in a “perfect” world, cause everyone has their own ideals and “perfect” again, is a term of perspective, and is unique to everyone. No two are alike, and try as we may, it’s never going to change.

Summing up what I’ve discovered is a hard task because it’s more like “what HAVEN’T you learnt”. The media keeps a firm foot planted in this issue the whole way as it affects everyone. It is rather a good thing though as it provides insight into the world’s standings.

Cheers and thanks for actually paying attention this whole time.
Congratulations are in order, so thanks for all the attention
 ~Emissary out


Games don’t make people violent… We’re just a violent race

Its in our genes… (genes not pants, smartasses…)

We have a history of violence and chaos, and an unending thirst for the blood of others, the media just needs a scapegoat as they’ve done through history, look back.. and some of the scapegoats are silly, but look to the future, will we see these actions we praise now as an act of futile action?

A few years ago, a 22 year old mother, apparently playing Farmville at the time, shook her child to death and the press blamed the game for it. Seriously… Farmville guys…. it almost seems like you’re getting a little desperate here.

Games don’t make us violent… we’re a naturally violent race

And the media eats up a story like this as a drug addict presented with a free batch of drugs…
Hell.. over time, games have shown a DECREASE in violence… 

Its kinda silly actually…

Anyway… I’m out for another week… and have a chart for your viewing pleasure



Stifling the Creative Touch

Okay this is a bit different than the issue I usually cover but I reckon it’s just as important so tough, you’re gonna listen! This is about the phenomenon called Homebrew and the way the industry mistakes it so so much as “hacking” consoles.

Before I jump into a ragefit over this, especially a recent issue involving a certain Sony company, Homebrew, for those that don’t know, is basically a user’s way of accessing the core mechanics of a device to create their own programs, uses and other creative projects. So often it is mistaken for hacking, that Sony panicked hard when they heard the term “Firmware Exploit” that they didn’t even wait to hear that all it did was allowed users to experience the joys of running their own software on their new handheld console, the PSVita

RIGHTEO, to the issue at hand, or keyboard in fact. For a long time, a man codenamed as “wololo” (yes, Age of Empires fans out there, one and the same, you may now change your shirt colour and or core beliefs as WE see fit ;D) was working on digging into the powerful new console to create access to user content so people would be able to run his own free TCG game “Wagic” based on the acclaimed card game Magic the Gathering. Within a week of the console’s release, Wololo announced to everyone’s joy, that his exploit had succeeded and he was running his homebrew no questions asked.

Within the span of a week after that, the game he was using had been taken off almost ALL of the online stores and had become little less than a memory. You can read the rest of the story here. But basically, all it is saying is that Sony was scared. Scared that their console would be abused by all these “hackers” all the potential game developers shot down. Its rather perplexing actually.

It’s new minds like this that the world needs. I love the concept of homebrew… for me it dictates the ability to run my older games that were long forgotten on the newer system, reliving nostalgia, but all big companies see is a pirate with a giant painted anarchy symbol on his chest.
They’re shot down in paranoid fits and we really need to support these guys, they could be the future of our gaming, and trust me… with cunning like that and skill and style too… you can’t go wrong.

Call me controversial, call me an ass, leave a comment telling me how cool my unsighted hairdo is

 Either way, Emissary signing off for another week~


You saw what?!

Image So what did you see? Indian head.. or Eskimo??

Image  How about this then? Is the square pinched in? or really straight?

Perception is in the eye of the beholder and it works the same with Censorship.
The people in charge of these seem to be of an older generation that isn’t familiar with the newer demographic and the style of games, movies and other entertainment they grew up with because they rate the violence and revealing of certain body parts in the same category of “corrupting the young”

This theory makes people who aren’t as knowledgeable on the subject agree as they see it from their own perspective, they respond with the knowledge they know and see one side and not the other side.

Several movie directors employ the use of black and white scenes in violent parts of the movie to make the impact lessen. This is smart deployment of partial censorship to make it more pleasing to the eyes of those that grew up against the notion of violence and it cunningly to ease their minds.

I honestly thought I had more to say on this subject but my mind betrays me..

So i’ll leave you with your thoughts and an image




R18+ Game Rating passes Legislation

Well this IS a surprise!

After so so long, the Australian government decided to look past its cynical ideals on the “homocidal” maniacs it might create with the induction of the R18 law on games.


Sure you still have to be over that age to buy the games, but it is good that they decided we’re responsible enough to decide for ourselves what is game and what is life. Silly I know, how irritated I get at this issue but it really is a really silly idea. Everywhere else seems to have it and they’re not all maniacs… except really America (scuse me while I duck from the American bricks) … jokes…

Anyway, we can finally hope to see such titles as Mortal Kombat and Manhunt here and the other games that have been refused classification

~Emissary Out

EDIT: Well this is derp for me >.< apparently it only passed the lower house BUT its still better than nothing riiiight?

LECTURE EDIT: This issue has been going on for decades, I mean seriously, Australia is the only developed country without R18 ratings on video games. The silo model discussed in our latest lecture is old, almost too old to contain the material for the newer gaming community.

The government is still tied down to the regulations in the ’90s. That’s before the ps2 was even conceived. Kinda silly right? But we stick to the things that work, so it seems until someone initiates change, we aint gonna see much change here.


For those that do not know, this is SOPA. It was introduced by U.S. Representative, Lamar S. Smith, as a method of keeping tabs on what people are up to and banning access to those sites that they deem “dangerous” to the common man.

When presented like this, it could possibly be mistaken as a rather good idea, harmless even.. and that is what makes it so SO much more dangerous than most of the other bills that have been tried to pass. In the past this has surfaced so many times that it’s almost laughable to try and count the times, but this time it was cunningly introduced so slyly.. so gently, that those not… acquainted with the internet blindly gave their support. Even many larger companies like EA gave their support for a while until they realised what it was doing and pulled out.

The other act that was pushed in with SOPA was PIPA which in shortened terms was a “watered down” version of SOPA, honestly… it wasn’t much better.

For those quite acquainted with these two acts.. it provides a earful of irritation… trying to show reason to those not in the know, and being shown an earful of downright derp back. 

As of this moment, it seems these two have been shoved back on the shelf, to the relief of many-a-bored teenager and student alike.

Cheers and thanks for listening, and if you have any more input… feel free to leave a comment at the bottom!

~The Emissary

G’day G’evening and G’night

G’day there folks.

My name is Josh, I’m a 21 year old Uni student studying Media studies and, as such, I’ve been asked to write a blog documenting my own theories and research in a leading media issue…

The one I’ve decided to pour my time into is something I’m quite passionate about and that would be the idea of Censorship in Internet and Gaming.

Being a passionate gamer myself and avid internet browser,so this issue irritates me to no end, so I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys and gals just what my opinion is on this issue and I plan on keeping you up to date with this pressing concern!

~The Emissary