For those that do not know, this is SOPA. It was introduced by U.S. Representative, Lamar S. Smith, as a method of keeping tabs on what people are up to and banning access to those sites that they deem “dangerous” to the common man.

When presented like this, it could possibly be mistaken as a rather good idea, harmless even.. and that is what makes it so SO much more dangerous than most of the other bills that have been tried to pass. In the past this has surfaced so many times that it’s almost laughable to try and count the times, but this time it was cunningly introduced so slyly.. so gently, that those not… acquainted with the internet blindly gave their support. Even many larger companies like EA gave their support for a while until they realised what it was doing and pulled out.

The other act that was pushed in with SOPA was PIPA which in shortened terms was a “watered down” version of SOPA, honestly… it wasn’t much better.

For those quite acquainted with these two acts.. it provides a earful of irritation… trying to show reason to those not in the know, and being shown an earful of downright derp back. 

As of this moment, it seems these two have been shoved back on the shelf, to the relief of many-a-bored teenager and student alike.

Cheers and thanks for listening, and if you have any more input… feel free to leave a comment at the bottom!

~The Emissary